Floral Picks Curated Especially for your Wedding Reception Decor Inspiration

If you’re in a dire attempt to transform your wedding reception décor into a truly personalized space as a couple, we have a great news for you : You don’t have to end up in a financial ruin post-celebrations!
KYC Events is known for grafting budget friendly packages when it comes to planning your wedding where uniquely out of the box ideas come into existence in the form of magnificently arranged lighting, gorgeously draped furnishing, mellifluous background playlist, harmonious floral arrangement and opulent centerpieces. In this article we elaborate on how flowers can alter the entire mood of the venue of your wedding Reception in different styles and placements. Be it a venue, barn, function room, front lawn sports hall or a banquet, here are our top picks of how you can transform your venue on a budget.

Flower Power

Nature is the answer if you are seeking happiness in the language of eco-friendliness. This image is one of the still of our projects in JW Marriott, Mumbai for our lovely clients, Cherry & Tanush. This expanse of green is accentuated by old school Large Globe bulbs hung at different lengths from the ceiling and vintage round mirrors of different shapes hung in a similar order. How fabulously it brightens up the pathway to the reception as you walk down in perfect light setting. Vibrant red and pink flowers not only boost the luxury game but also set the rich wedding mood.

Mellow Meadow

In case regally bold décor doesn’t answer define your personal statement to your wedding décor, what about something softer and suave?
Here is our pick from our latest project from Jio Garden, BKC, Mumbai where we made sure our most cherished clients, Mr. Ryan & Mrs. Anushka, have the most memorable time of their life with this reception decor. Multi- chrome flowers arranged in a contrasting pattern that is radiating supple beauty with this stunner of a wedding cake. Roses, Lilies, Poppies, Calendulas, Orchids and Carnations assure the aura of this Wedding reception of undying freshness and beauty. Set in a sensational April evening, this vibrant floral color palette goes best when you have an open roof venue filled with lots and lots of natural light!

Plush Pale Palette

Although, If you’re a couple who want something minimally astounding but at the same time not falling out of the league of extraordinary, we have another one!
How monochrome it may sound in word, but this all-white décor is the much needed palette that outlines vibrancy on a different degree. Too much orchids are never too much and we have an example! This wedding décor for our beautiful clients, Yash & Ramyata, was a design success, all credits to this beautiful décor. The entire stage was filled with desirable white orchids complimented by pink and white roses accentuated with aesthetic all white pottery pieces and upholstery. Finished by superb lighting, this venue at Sahara Star, Mumbai was most memorable for its fantastic decoration and light & sound coordination.

Ostentatious Orchid

Possibly Orchids are your thing but you prefer a warmer traditional set up for your Reception décor. It can be small gathering or a you’d want to spend more on other elements than just the décor, here is the perfect idea for you to get inspired from!
You can always opt for emphasis décor with flowers that focus only on creating detailed attention pieces that captivates you and your entire guest list. Like this one here: A beautiful peacock, the traditional Indian bird, decorated with white orchids in the form of its feathers. It not only amplifies its aesthetic appeal but also is budget friendly and lighter on your pockets.

Merlot Splurge

Trends come and go while classics always prevail. There are few styles & moods that never go out of style.
Crimson is one of them: It never goes out of style. Reflecting both tradition and culture, red as a color is rich and passionate and it only makes the venue picturesque. You can experiment with table centerpieces too!
Create a beautiful cornucopia of your favorite flowers in shades of red and complimenting whites. Place them on a tray and neatly place it on a table surrounded by a delicious selection of fresh and dry fruits and assorted aromatic candles for your guests to enjoy while they admire your gorgeous decoration.
Let blooming roses guide your way as supple carnations carve your path out to a room filled with blossoming orchids while the fragrant jasmines enthrall your sense of smell and sense of sight. Make your wedding reception unforgettable with these unique flower arrangement ideas!

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