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With the emerging era of modern brides, the grooms of the decade have stepped up their trend game, too. Wedding Organsiers no longer have to just co-ordinate with what the bride wears to compliment the décor but also the groom for absolute harmony of the scenic aura of the wedding day. Designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, JJ Valaya, Rohit Bal and Kunal Rawal among many others, are emerging with the baton of creating quirk in the bridal couture for men. Color, theme and print co-ordination are being majorly focused upon. Gone are the days of basic sherwaanis or a bow-tie. Our men these days have their own trousseau style statement which makes them stand out and outshine the crowd. Experimentation with the silhouttes, prints, color schemes and most significantly, the jewelry, is the drug.
Let’s take a look on our favoirte grooms and their styles this wedding season. Do not forget to inform the wedding planner in your city about your groom’s spectacular style statement for the big day, so that they can decide your splendid décor keeping both of the looks of the bride and groom in mind!


Who would have missed this lavish wedding of Masoom Minawala, one of our favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and her beau, Shailin? They launched a sensation on social platforms with their e-invites and the exclusive instagram wedding. If you did not know about it already, well now you do. By now, you would have also noticed the dedicated co-ordination of clothes by both the beautiful bride and the stunning groom. We are completely crushing over the high and low seam quirky silhouette with a complimenting tan waist belt. A perfect ensemble for your Haldi and sangeet ceremony!


What Sabyasachi launched as an ahead-of-fashion bride and groom couture, was carried forward by all the other designers in the country as one of the most refreshing and accepted trend. If you’re planning on getting hitched soon with a style bang, let Sabya answer all your queries! We adore this couple’s co-ordination with the resplendently floral décor as well as with each other’s dolled up statements. Yellow as a color stands for freshness, energy, optimism and joy and no questions asked, this groom just knows how to reflect the likewise! As a wedding planning firm ourselves, we are also pitching in for the wedding organizers on doing such a brilliant job with the décor and apparel synchronization.


Never seem a groom like this one before? Nor have we! But we do wish we’d have seen this gorgeously dressed groom earlier. Smily & Abhishek from Chandigarh, India are addressing absolute justice with their wedding attires and redefining the quirk-o-meter results in the best possible ways. This long pleated indigo kurta with chintz print in brocade is the newest style trend we are drooling at. Carrying it off wouldn’t be a hurdle if the courage speaks off love and happiness on your wedding day!


2017 marked the age of pastels and it has been carried forward with ease, since. After all, pastels are evergreen. To peculiarly noticing the same, we’ve only come across selection of pastels majorly by our Indian brides. But when a groom opts for a challenging color like an onion pink sherwani rather than going with the usual palette of earthy and metallic shades, he is not only breaking color related stereotypes, but also leaving us to question ourselves about not meeting this gem of a man before he got married. This suave sherwani might be basic in silhouette, but the brocade weave on it is everything we’ve been looking out for. The baby pink silk shawl adds charm to the entire ensemble. Check out Shantanu & Nikhil’s groom couture if you’re heading out for options in pastels for your big fat Indian wedding.


Day events like haldi, mehendi or sangeet have their own delight when it comes to celebrating it ceremoniously in bright daylight and agility. This groom here has swayed us away with his mirror embroidered and laser cut Nehru waist coat. Paired up with a premier off-white pastel pink hemmed kurta, this jacket is the perfect choice for all you grooms out their getting hitched soon. We also love the way how it is neatly synchronized with what the bride is pulling off perfectly – yes, the floral pastel frilled sleeve blouse and an A-line lehenga in the same color as the groom’s kurta’s hem.

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