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Wedding Receptions constitute an integral part of any Indian wedding. An event that is celebrated right after the wedding day, reception is where the newlyweds make their first public appearance as a couple after their marriage. This significant day is ceremoniously commemorated with friends and family either like a small gathering or with a huge guest list. Both ways, wouldn’t you prefer having a personalized elemental touch to your day that is worth the memory? Therefore, here we are to your make it easier for you during your search for ideas & inspirations for decorating your reception space in the most appealing and customized way possible!Talking about wall & roof decorations, here are our selections.

Never Enough Fairy Lights

We are still thinking about the Ferragnez wedding that looked like a dream as it took place in Sicily, Italy last week. The dinner after the wedding was set under a canopy of twinkle lights which looked immensely satisfying and regal. No space left uncovered, this setting had a mood like fairy dust has been sprinkled all over.

Never Enough Flowers

The most classic splendid décor idea that every wedding has it is flowers & ferns. As beautiful as they may seem, they are also available in vast colors & varieties. There are no issues with its sourcing when it comes to its availability in bulk. Wedding Designers excel in creating ideas out of flowers that stand out in your reception décor with not only the aesthetics but also in terms of aroma.


When carried out successfully, adding textiles – usually sheer, gauzy fabrics, like chiffon, organza or voile – will make your interior feel more luxe and upscale, yet intimate and cozy at the same time. If your venue features soaring ceilings, adding floor-toceiling drapery panels will help emphasize the height. Drapery panels can add softness to a rustic reception space. Soften up a clear-top reception tent with overhead draping. For outdoor dinner reception space, get your wedding planners build an elegant gazebo over the tables & drape the structure with flowy taupe fabric & accentuate it with flowers and greens. For a display of creative streak, you can try intertwining fabrics into weave styles & knots for an elemental appearance.

Stay updated with us for more ideas and inspirations!

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