Tips on Pre Wedding Shoots

Pre-wedding photography is a swiftly emerging trend in India, with more and more couples scheduling their timelines to fit in a day spending in front of the lens. They are extremely fun and the best is you get to be comfortable with your photographers and cameras, which in turn makes sure that you’re not conscious posing on the day of your wedding and have brilliant memories captured for a lifetime!
Be it arranged or love, marriages these days require couples to know each other before tying the pious knot of eternity with each other. Pre wedding shoots are not only a good way of spending time and getting to know each other before getting hitched but also a great way of breaking the news out of your wedding to your folks and friends. The significant purpose of pre wedding shoots is thankful for the past that led you to each other, celebration of the present where both of you come together to form a beautiful world of your own, and creating memories for the future to relish on as time passes by.
To make it extremely special for you to plan your pre wedding shoot, we’ve assorted few majorly popular concepts that the contemporary couples are opting for currently.

Destination Photoshoots

Spread Seeds of Love. Plantable Wedding Invitations are printed on seed paper that grows wildflowers and herbs when the invitation is planted in soil. They all come in a variety of colors and coordinate with reply cards, thank you cards, favor tags and more. For all your environmentally conscious couples out there, here is how you can do your bit for nature as well as making a lasting impact and a memory to your wedding.

Conceptual Photoshoots

Let’s be honest. Pre-wedding shoots do not cost peanuts when it comes to professional photography. It is a lot of investment in time and money and yes, you wouldn’t want to just be basic and regular with your memories. Like they say, Art is a feeling so we recommend you to buckle up and get creative with your photographs and make it memorable for you and your closed ones as you approach your big day with originality. Giddy up!

Activity Photoshoot

Baking with your beau in a sunlit kitchen counter? Plantings flowers in the backyard? Pillow fighting? Cosplaying in your favorite character avatars? And the list goes on! Activity photoshoots are the candids of 2018 and we recommend you to definitely try your hands on it if you’re planning on getting hitched soon.

Miniature Photoshoots

An emerging photography trend, it involves a tinge of editing skills and a lot of perspective to make things quirky and creative at the same time. You not only create memories out of it, but also save yourself a hearty nostalgic laughter for the future as you flip through the pages of your wedding album or just are reminded by facebook of your memories a couple of years ago!

A little research and a lot of enthusiasm would take you places into photographs when it comes to getting creative with your wedding photoshoots. To keep that in consideration, it is not a one man’s job to successfully implement the same. Therefore, Here are few things to keep in mind, while you make your big-shot :

1. Ask and discuss with the photographer

The couple must talk to the wedding photographer about their variant ideas and concepts that they’d like to experiment in their pre-wedding shoot. You can also discuss various innovative couple photography ideas and have their thoughts. You can either choice out of a destination photo shoot, conceptualized photoshoot or a photo shoot that involves props. Make sure to choose a type that is in sync with your personal style.

2. Choosing the right photographer

Research well, go through the photographer’s social media handles to have a better idea about his style of capturing images. Scrutinise the photographer’s work carefully. A pre-wedding shoot allows a happy compromise, giving the couple and the photographer a full day to get candid portraits and moments in a relaxed environment sans the pressures and rush of the big day.

3. Get Creative

Your pre-wedding shoot can take place in any location you choose. Couples often use it as an opportunity to capture memories of their courtship days. It could be in a place where you went for quiet walks, where you first met, or where he proposed. It could also be a spot that shows off the other interests of your lives. A paragliding weekend at the beach, a hike in the hills or your favorite historical monument.

Thank us later!

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