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Weddings in India are symbolic festive celebrations with extensive decorations, rituals, colors, music and delicacies. Earlier, Bridal entry only referred to the bride’s sisters escorting the main to the groom before the pious ritual of tying the wedding knot for forever. Arriving to the current era, the Indian brides have taken over extremely creative ways to make their marks on their wedding dates and not only flatter their significant other but also make it memorable for everybody who is a part of the celebration. Hereby, listing out few very cool ideas for you to make your mark!

Gorgeous Floral Umbrellas

Reinstate that classic Phoolon Ka Chaadar with these Fresh Mogras and Rose Petals ornamented umbrellas that would add a lot of theatre to your Bridal entry! The luxe ferns and leaves bloom and enhance the outfits of the entourage and compliments with the charming bride as she walks down the aisle.

Strings of Kaleeras

Kaleeras, Latkans, Cutesy miniature embellished lamps attached to a string of pearls can prep up your Phoolon Ki Chaadar in such a magnificent way. For the bride who wants to go all out, this is it!

Audacious Bridal Entry on a Segway!

Were you looking out for an impactful bold entry that captivates every body into believing you to be the Coolest Bride Of The Year , Segaways is what we suggest! For all you technology fanatic brides, who do not want the basic shy and coy admission, sway away your grooms with this valiant entrance!

Delicate Floral Jaali

Who would have thought just a wreath of leaves and natural ferns can make for such a fab Phoolon Ki Chaadar! Beautified in the intricate entanglement to form a delicate mesh that compliments the ravishing look of the bride, it is a go to choice for your special day!

Vintage Vibes

Dreaming of a fairytale wedding? Just like all those bedtime stories where a prince charming swept the princess off her feet and took her away in a wisp of a moment, A Paalki is a go to choice to feel like a princess yourself! Get hold of a vintage beauty painted beautifully for your royal entry to your big day and live your dreamy wedding to the fullest as this time, you sweep your groom off his feet instead!

The 21st Century Bride

Think about it : Your groom at the altar stands awe-struck along with the entire crowd of guests as you slow down on a motorbike and park it right in front. Dabangg fan or not, you’d still make a pretty Dhamaakedar Entry to your special day which shall be hard to forget.

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