Unique Wedding Ideas

We’ve assorted a list of unique wedding ideas to keep your special day real and differentiated like how it should be! From entertaining transportation to mouthwatering creative cookies and cocktails, here’s how to make a lasting impression at your wedding.

Plantable wedding invitations

Spread Seeds of Love. Plantable Wedding Invitations are printed on seed paper that grows wildflowers and herbs when the invitation is planted in soil. They all come in a variety of colors and coordinate with reply cards, thank you cards, favor tags and more. For all your environmentally conscious couples out there, here is how you can do your bit for nature as well as making a lasting impact and a memory to your wedding.

A Surprise Choreographed Dance/ Flash Mob

Imagine the looks on your guests' faces when you and your pops break into a hip-hop routine during a ceremony accompanied by other guests? A flash mob is a kind of a deal to sign up for. After all, surprises are a getaway to exhilarating memories especially it is well choreographed for your big day making your bollywood day dream come true!

Social Media Integration

Commence the party long before your wedding day with a brilliant wedding website, an instagram page and e-invites and updates on other social media platforms! Get all your guests involved with live updates about your wedding so you and your guests have a record of the day just as it happened!

Go Farm Fresh Organic!

Are you the couple that believes in sustainability and the organic way of lifestyle? Well, this one’s for you! Set up a “Farm Fresh” stand of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and small baskets that your guests can fill on their way out of the door. Return gifts would have never been this special as on your special day!

Customized Candy & Cookies!

Sweet occasions call for sweeter gestures and sweetest delicacies like those customized candies with you and your spouse’s initials inscribed onto them! From mint pop ins to flavored caramel chocolate cookies, you can get them all and surprise your family and friends by sharing this love out.

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