We are drooling over these Indian wedding cake inspirations for 2018

Like it has been said that a celebration without a cake is only quarter a celebration and we cannot stand without agreeing with it more. It might as well seem that the tradition of a wedding cake is from the west but not very long ago has it been accepted by the Indian masses as an essential segment of an Indian wedding celebration.

These days Indian marriage ceremonies and receptions are almost incomplete without the presence of the very extravagant wedding cake. Choosing a wedding is one of the most amusing parts of the wedding planning process. Finding the right bakery, the perfectly stunning design, managing the cost and timeline and a lot of other ancillaries would occupy you in a puddle of brain storming & selections. If you decide on a cake, there are more decisions than meets the eye in making sure that it’s exactly what it should be.

Currently, the market is flooded with west influenced designs & color schemes. It is not very hard to notice wedding cakes decorated in teal & pastel pinks, roses & carnations and ribbons & pearls at Indian weddings. Although, a little streak of creativity can bring out a completely transformed cake design that would suit the vibrant nature of India & intricacy of patterns and motifs.

We’ve spotted domestic bakeries bringing out the best of both worlds that not only incorporates the pulsating chrome schemes but also elements of a big fat Indian wedding. We’ve explored every bride’s favorite platform – Pinterest, so thoroughly that here we are presenting to you a series of assorted & exclusive wedding cake designs that would contrast your luxurious Indian wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.

Jeweled Wedding Cakes

Let's be honest. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but when you’re getting married in India, it has to be two parts gold and one part celebration irrelevant of religion, culture or wedding type (Yes, court marriages are also a thing in this era).

Decorating your layered cake with gems, and metallic icing replicating all the shimmer of your reception night adds multiple stars to your overall wedding decoration.

Henna Art Wedding Cakes

Irrespective of caste, creed, culture, religion, tradition & occasion, henna is an adapted ritual followed by all in this country for a multitude of festivities & ceremonies. It is largely hyped during wedding season where both the bride & groom and their families decorate their skin with this intricately woven design form with henna, also known as mehendi in the colloquial tongue. This art form is so unique and magnificent that it has become symbolic to Indian Weddings and history speaks for it.

Décor inspired Wedding Cakes

It sounds like the easiest way out to the hard core conceptualizing required for thematic wedding cakes, but we vouch for it to being the most aesthetically appealing too. You can combine a series of Indian motifs like paisley, keri, booti etc. motifs to create patterns along with the texture development of silks & brocades. >br>(Trivia : India is internationally famous for its textiles & prints )

So, bring the originality out with the inspirations we list down for you!

Well, these are just inspirations. Ask your bakery to create the best out of your inspirations to have a wonderful desi wedding to remember for a lifetime!

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All images via Pinterest.

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