Wedding Color Inspirations

Weddings are the time of vibrancy and hues where decoration speaks volume and the language of merriment. When it comes to India, it explains vividness of emotions and colors. When it comes to your big day, everything can be quite overwhelming- every detail and ounce needs to be next perfection and should fall into the scheme of harmony and coordination. One of the most significant elements is the color palette as it is usually the basis of everything that is planned thereafter.

Let’s make this step of your wedding planning easy and seamless as we discuss here our assorted list of color scheme ideas that you could use and build upon.

Magenta Rhythm

This should be your go to choice if you look forward to a festive and a jubilant wedding affair. In the hues of hot pinks expressing contemporary yet classic Indian wedding color scheme complimented with the shimmer of gold and richness of this metallic tinge. You can pair your symbolic banarasi silk saree with the décor drapes of georgette in magenta while your vintage lamps emphasize the venue with their bewitching gold light.


The luxury of a rich color reflects here as the shade of saffron, commonly called as kesar, vibrates with the mood of joy and celebration. The fresh unwilted aromatic marigolds, the genda phool, engage the space into a regal but earthy mood as you drape into that precisely selected glowing yellow lehenga or saree while walking down the aisle. From ochre to lemon and turmeric to gold, this shade range of colors are the go to choice if you are looking out for something that reflects your jovial personality and an exhilarating mood.

Royale Indigo

In case you were looking forward to something more than all yellow, here is a theme that you wouldn’t want to miss. Blue is a color that goes well for both day and night events. So it doesn’t matter if its your engagement party in the noon or a cocktail night in the evening, indigo is the color to go. You can either opt for this velvety hue of indigo throughout or pair it up with a complimentary color like a gold yellow or an opulent bronze or plain washed white. The magnificence of this color will get you to whatever zenith you wish for. Check out Anita Dongre’s indigo bridal collection if you want to code your bridal wear as well with the theme of your wedding.

Aqua Rose

For all our muses whose pastel fever hasn’t worn out yet, here we are with an improvised theme recommendation. Suave Aqua teal amalgamated in blush rose gold shade of pastel pink, it is as mellow as it could get! We are still drooling over Anushka & Virat’s pastel wedding in 2018 and this theme comes out as an offspring of inspirations derived from splendid weddings like this one. Your Sangeet ceremony or your engagement day reception, this cotton candy color palette speaks for every mood you would be feeling until your big day.

Classiqué Crimson

If there's one wedding color that isn't going away anytime soon, it's crimson! With variations of hues in red, this color scheme will have you rethinking your wedding colors. If romantic and classic are the guide words for your dream wedding, look no further than this color palette complimented by velvety texture and opulent metallic hue to it. The Merlot-color steals the show when put on a lighter background that gives prominence to this crimson damask. When paired with vintage amber gold, your color palette achieves a gorgeous depth that is so aesthetically pleasing! This palette effortlessly achieves the luxury, love and luxe that you’ve been seeking for.
So what are you waiting for?

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