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A boring wedding is every couple’s worst nightmare.

To-Be-Weds want to keep the party amusing and entertaining – they want their guests to have a good time at their wedding reception. Cookie cutter weddings are a thing of the past and today, couples are focusing on new ways to incorporate fun into their wedding reception program such as having wedding games to play for all their guests. That's why we went on the hunt for easy party games you can add, ranging from individual projects to table games to group activities. Wedding reception games and activities of all kinds energize the reception eve, adding a childlike playfulness to the event and helping groups mingle and socialize.

Marriage Advice Cards

One of the known classic wedding games, this includes a collection of cards at the wedding reception that encourages guests to share their valuable piece of advice for the newlyweds. You can add quirk elements as well to it by making it more interactive, diverse and entertaining by providing different topics for the guests to fill in the advices or you can keep it traditional and classic by creating a formal advice card which is similar for all the guests.

Couple Trivia

The easiest game of all, it includes a very challenging fill-in-the-blank trivia card full of interesting questions about the newlyweds. All the guests can participate in this contest and fill the quiz up in the given time and lead their way to triumph. Guess, who should begin spending more time with the couple now?

Find the Guest

This game speaks about a mind digging questionnaire about a certain individual that sends everyone on the guest list on a scavenging hunt for the person in question. You can make it as interactive as you and it can play a part in involving guests of all age groups to participate and have fun at the same time. Weddings are an occasion to socialize and have fun and you, as the wonderful hosts, should provide for that opportunity so that at the end of the day no guest leaves with even a slight wrinkle of distress.

I’Spy Polaroid

This is one of the fanciest unique wedding reception games that you can always opt for. So what do you do here: you place a couple of Polaroid with a lot of films for the guests along with a list of “I SPY” items on it. For example: A picture of the bride & groom dancing, The youngest guest at the wedding, Something old, new, borrowed or blue etc. Then, let all your guests pin up their Polaroid on a common board for everyone to see. This way the wedding is not only recorded through the eye of the guests but you also end up making a lot of memories.

Spin The Wheel

This wedding reception game idea is not really a wedding game but a common one that is played often at gatherings & get togethers so most of your guests would be familiar to it. Set up a huge table or a wheel with a customized spin the wheel board setting on it. Get the whole room involved with instructions like “Give a Speech!” or “The bride & groom kiss” etc. Use your creativity & get the guests grooving!

Our Entire Team at KYC Events is dedicated to making wedding ceremonies and occasions as interactive as possible. Our in house team of planners, conceptualizers and designers make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to ensuring all guests are having an event to remember!

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