Why Should Brides Have All the Fun: Wedding Jewelry For Grooms

India is obsessed with jewelry. The entire wedding industry vouches for it. Especially when it comes to styling, the brides of India have an entire ocean of options and varieties to choose from. Irrespective of the platform, be it a publication ( magazines, flyers) or a digital setting (youtube, facebook, instagram, pinterest etc.), you’d find it flooding with all kinds of bridal wear, bridal make up, bridal styles and what not. In this entire conundrum of overflowing alternatives, our dear grooms are still struggling with preferences in this already-so-developed fashion and wedding industry. Men have fewer options to choose from than women, comparatively, when it comes to wedding couture wear.

But all our knights in shining, well not armors, have come out of the closet to stand shoulder to shoulder with their femmes in the past decade. Design houses have begin focusing on men’s wear and jewelry & magazines are no more flooded with only female faces advertising gold and platinum accessories.

In this world full of bridal fashion tutorials, where do you go to track inspiration for a groom’s accessorizing and styling?

Amrapali Jewels

Tribe by Amrapali offers you a range of some dapper cool accessories for men like a range of bracelets, cufflinks, buttons and brooches!


If you’ve been on a lookout for an ultra-luxe collection of men’s jewelry, this is the hub for you. Birdhichand offers a regal range of aesthetics for men you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off from.

Bina Goenka

We all know her for her ultimate jewelry collection for women. Although, if your search closely, her minimalist collection has a few pieces for men too! A collection on pearls and diamonds designed into cufflinks are so stunningly crafted, we doubt if you’d be able to keep your hands off them.

Raabta by Rahul

One of the stop shops to get customized jewelry for all you grooms out there for your special day. They’d create just about anything for you, so make sure you get the best out of this opportunity.

Farah Khan

Pamper your wedding sherwani with these timeless pieces by Farah Khan carved out of luxe enamel and diamonds as they ornate your style fabulously on your wedding day. She has some gorgeous collections on buttons and cufflinks which are perfect for any confused soul.

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